Celebrate Diversity
Concrete Theatre’s Commitment to Diversity

As a professional theatre company dedicated to presenting artistically excellent plays for young audiences, presented primarily in schools, Concrete Theatre has an important responsibility to reflect the diversity of Canadian society. Both on stage and in every aspect of our programming and administration, diversity is a cornerstone of our company. 

Diversity informs everything we do… from our programming choices to our casting, our hiring, and our development of emerging artists and new plays.  For us diversity includes race, culture, religion and spirituality, size, shape, language, ability, sexual orientation, gender identification… anything that makes us different from each other.  Like the butterfly we use to represent our commitment to this idea, we believe each person is as different from one another as they are a part of the same human race and that is something to be celebrated. 

Through our work, we aim not only to entertain and educate but also act as role models in the richly diverse reality of Canadian schools, communities and professional theatres.  We want every child, every student and every adult to feel like they’ve seen someone that they can relate to or identify with.  We believe this connection is what moves audiences both young and old, and what keeps theatre relevant and important in people’s lives.  Our commitment to diversity nurtures the next generation of theatre professionals and audience members.

For more information…

Check out the exciting 3.7% Initiative started by our friends at Boca del Lupo in Vancouver and visit our facebook group where we’ve started the Edmonton chapter!

Check out the East West Players of Los Angeles 51% Preparedness Plan on Diversity.

Centre for Race and Culture

Canada’s Commitment to Cultural Diversity

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