The Antyssey

Book, Music and Lyrics by Joel Crichton and Richard Lee Hsi
Directed by Mieko Ouchi

Touring Elementary Schools
April 1 - 26, 2019

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“From the script, to production, to the phenomenal talent of your actors to teach, entertain and engage students- The Antyssey was a highlight of our year so far!”
Joanne Wynn, Principal

“I can only praise Concrete Theatre for their great work! From the booking agent to the cast and crew, it was an absolute delight to work with them… I am already counting down until next year’s performance!”
Lindy Bonn
Children’s Program Coordinator, Yellowhead County

The return of one of most beloved Concrete musicals by two of Edmonton’s hottest upcoming talents… Oscar, a young ant, has been brought up with one goal: to dedicate his life to his black ant colony. When he discovers the truth about his parentage… that he is actually a yellow ant, questions about his identity send him away from his beloved colony on a journey of self –discovery… An Antyssey! Joined unexpectedly by Andrea, his feisty and combative classmate who is fighting the expectation that she must become a Queen, the two find themselves in parts of the forest they have only heard about… and face to face with other insects they never knew existed, including the mysterious and wise Tiresias Caterpillar. A song-filled look at identity and expectation that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual… revealing lots of amazing facts about ants along the way! Winner of the 2015 Sterling Award for Outstanding Production for Young Audiences and Outstanding Artistic Achievement for Theatre for Young Audiences for Script and Score: Richard Lee Hsi and Joel Crichton.

Curriculum Ties: Health and Wellness: understanding & expressing feelings, impact of personal behavior, effects of sharing positive feelings, relationships between feelings & behaviors, effective listening, respect & caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions, recognize & accept individual differences within groups. Social Studies: understanding how identity is shaped, demonstrate sensitivity to the personal & emotional aspects of identity, respecting differences & fostering inclusiveness. Language Arts: respond to new ideas, make connections, repetition, rhyme and rhythm, story structure, integration of other art forms to enhance meaning, look at how new ideas and information have changed previous understandings, connect situations portrayed to personal & classroom experiences. Music/Drama: acquire knowledge of self and others that results from reflecting on dramatic play. Appreciation of the integration of art forms to tell a story.

Base Price: $875
To book a show contact Concrete Theatre at 780-439-3905 or

60 minutes including a 5-10 minute Q & A

Public Performance dates including both The Antyssey & CTRL-ALT-DEL: Thursday, April 4th, 7:30pm - CTRL-ALT-DEL
Friday, April 5th, 7:30pm - The Antyssey
Saturday, April 6th, 11:00am - The Antyssey & 2:00pm - CTRL-ALT-DEL

At La Cite Francophone 8627 91 Street, Edmonton
Tickets available at the door:
Adults: $20
Students/Seniors: $18
Child (under 12): $15
For the Group rate of $15 please contact Patrick at






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