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Are We There Yet?
By Jane Heather

Touring Junior High Schools - Grade 9 Classes
April 7 – May 17, 2008


“The play showed me that there is sexual education out there other than the standard school nurse.  It really was “open” and comfortable for everyone to talk, and it was interesting to see and play out the situations.”
Grade 9 Student

What would happen if we put the same care and attention into teaching young people about sex as we put into teaching them to drive?

Are We There Yet? Returns for its 11th tour!  This award-winning and nationally recognized project includes a 90 minute participatory play and an optional 90 minute follow up workshop.  The play explores sexuality, relationships, birth control and boundary setting appropriate and designed specifically for Grade 9 students and covers the Alberta Health Curriculum.

An original commission by Concrete Theatre, our 1999 production was awarded an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding Production for Young Audiences by our peers in the professional theatre community in Edmonton.

In 2005, a consortium of partners including Concrete Theatre were awarded a five year SSHRC Community University Research Alliance grant for just under a million dollarsfor Are We There Yet?: Using Theatre in Teen Sexuality Education (AWTY CURA).  This prestigious award is allowing Concrete Theatre and partners to find out more about why this project has been so effective in teaching young people about sexuality and to help seed new productions of Are We There Yet?  This year alone, new productions are happening in Saskatoon and rural Nova Scotia with a Vancouver production slated for 2009.

Maximum Audience: 60 students or two classes
Cost: $400
90 minutes, Participatory
Themes: Sexual Health, Relationships, Communication, Boundary Setting

For more information or to book a show please contact:
Irene Kunda, Bookings Coordinator
780-439-3905 or

2007 Production Information:
Jeremy Baumung
Kristi Gunther Hansen
Natasha Napoleao
Mark Jenkins

Directed by Caroline Howarth
Stage Managed by Gina Puntil
Photography by Epic Photography Inc.






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