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Nami Namersson,
The Viking Who Liked To Name Things

Book & lyrics by Trevor Anderson
Music by Bryce Kulak

Touring Elementary Schools
March 10-23, 2008
Main-stage public shows at Fringe Theatre Adventures
(Open to the Public):
March 7 – 7 pm at Fringe Theatre Adventures
March 8 – 2 pm at Fringe Theatre Adventures
March 9 – 2 pm at Fringe Theatre Adventures

For more information on main-stage performances
please call: 780-409-1910


“A breezy and charming new musical...”
Liz Nicholls, The Edmonton Journal

Nami’s back! Nami Namersson, The Viking Who Liked To Name Things, the hilarious and award winning original musical, which debuted at Concrete in 2005 is back!  The play explores what happens when three friends – a slug, a stump, and an aspiring singer-songwriter – must decide what to do when a blond, braided newcomer sails into their neighbourhood and begins re-naming and claiming everything in sight.  The play explores issues of bullying, tolerance, working together and the “discovery of Canada” from the perspective of the people already there. 

Our 2005 production was awarded a record breaking three Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards for: Outstanding Production for Young Audiences, Outstanding Musical Score (Trevor Anderson and Bryce Kulak) and Outstanding Musical Director (Cathy Derkach) by the professional theatre community in Edmonton.   It was also nominated for Outstanding Musical.

This year the play is available two ways: you can bring the students and see it on the main-stage at Fringe Theatre Adventures or have Concrete Theatre bring the play into your own gym at your school.

Maximum Audience: 275
Cost: $700
50 minutes, with a 5-10 Question & Answer
Themes: Bullying, Self-Esteem, Tolerance

Study Guide Available

For more information or to book a school show in your gym please contact:
Irene Kunda, Bookings Coordinator
780-439-3905 or

2007 Production Information:
Jesse Gervais as Nami Namersson
Cathy Derkach as Stump
Ashley Ball as Starla
Sylvia Wong as Slug

Directed by Mieko Ouchi
Stage Managed by Ha Neul Kim
Original Production Design by Melissa Cuerrier
Amy Clarke Sound Technician (FTA)
Corey Haberstock Sound Technician (School Tour)
Photography by Epic Photography Inc.






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