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Artists in Residence Program K-6

Available throughout the school year


“Concrete Theatre was a truly powerful and amazing experience within our school community!  Our school is culturally diverse and the overall theme, student involvement, artistic leadership in both the performing and visual arts was second to none.  This event brought our student, staff, and parent community closer together by recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness and similarities of our differences.  I highly recommend this energetic and professional group to your school as I know firsthand that we experienced a positive and powerful week that unified and strengthened our overall school culture.  Thank you Concrete Theatre!”    
Kelly Ehalt
Principal, Holy Family Academy

“Concrete Theatre brought their enthusiasm, their professionalism, their creativity to our students. Through music, art and song all our students were able to observe, explore and discover their skills… The whole school community worked together to create an original show which left us all with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.”

Lesia Huk,
Principal, Anne Fitzgerald School

If you love our award winning, innovative productions, why not try an Artist in Residency where our talented pool of professional theatre artists bring a show to life with your students, right in your school?

As an educator, you know how culturally diverse your classroom is… here is your opportunity to celebrate the richness of the cultures and communities they come from with a hands-on curriculum based live theatre experience.

Depending on your school size, three or more energetic professional artists will work with your entire student population over this five day residency leading to a fantastic show on the final day for family and friends! Veteran theatre educator and actor April Banigan is coordinating this program for us.

How does this work?

Student involvement in activities
The residency provides Elementary students with hands-on experience in creating, dramatizing and presenting a story about a fictional world of their own making.

Prior to our arrival, each grade will be sent guidelines for creating their own fictional world. The students of each grade will collaborate to design several aspects of their world including their own traditions, leader, beliefs, fears, mode of travel, national flag and the words to their national anthem. These worlds are the foundation from which the residency activities take place.

During our 5 days in the school, each class will work with a theatre facilitator as well as a musician and a designer, who will encourage the students to develop their own ideas and approaches to building the story from within the world of their own making. In the process of developing the piece, students will be introduced to a variety of theatre skills including vocal projection, character development, singing and movement. All students will be involved in the process and presentation.

On the last day, the final presentation will include a ‘Parade of Cultures’ where a representative of each world will lead their group into the performance space with their national flag. The presentation will then take us through a showing of all of the worlds, which will be woven into a larger story. The performance will showcase the unique ideas of each grade; including original music, costumes and props composed, designed and built by the students. At the end of the performance, a student from each of the worlds will discuss, on stage, some of the challenges that arise when cultures come together, how they may resolve those challenges, and how they might celebrate or adopt the traditions from another world.

Each residency involves a team of professional theatre facilitators; actors, a musician, and a designer, who will work directly with students over a 5-day period.  Individual facilitators will, typically, work with each class 2-3 times a day for 45 minute – 1 hour sessions depending on the number of classes in the school. Sessions will be held in a variety of spaces including classrooms, the music room, the drama room, the library and in the gym.  The dress rehearsal and presentation on the final day will take place in the school gym.  The specifics of the schedule will be worked out with individual schools based on their population, class schedule, and available space.

Project Objectives
To provide students with the opportunity to participate in the creation and presentation of an original piece of theatre working with professional theatre artists
To explore and celebrate diversity within the school and in the world around the students
To develop imagination and creative capacity
To explore different styles of theatrical storytelling and presentation
To explore different styles of musical presentation
To work collaboratively

Parent involvement is encouraged and welcomed. Teacher in-services also available.

Subsidization for schools to bring in Residencies is available from The Alberta Foundation for the Arts through their Artists and Education Project Grant Stream.

Deadline is the first business day of April each year.

Base Price: $7910
for up to 300 students in Edmonton and area.

To book a residency, or for full details and assistance in applying for a subsidy, email

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